Online Banking



Break the Ties of Traditional Banking

Mobile Banking delivers the personal banking experience you need… whenever you need it.

Don’t become trapped within the boundaries of tradition, discover the freedom of Mobile Banking today. Access account information from an internet enabled cell phone and enjoy the features listed below:

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Enrollment for Mobile Banking is quick and easy.  Here are the steps to enroll:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking
  2. Click “Profile” at the top right.
  3. Click “Manage Devices” on the Mobile Banking section
  4. Under “Other Services”:
    • Enter Mobile Phone Number for Text Banking, Mobile Browser and Alert Banking
    • Select Continue

And yes, we do have an App for that! Downloading the new TouchBanking App is easy, simply follow the steps below to begin your new mobile banking experience today!

  1. Click Enroll Now or Manage Devices under Mobile Banking in the Profile menu
  2. Download TouchBanking from the Apple or Google Play Store
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions and enter the Mobile App Code: GoMobile7265
  4. Enjoy all the benefits of mobile banking, now with ease and simplicity!


**Please Note: 
Most web-enabled phones can be used with our Mobile Banking system.  Your cell phone provider may charge additional fees for Web access or text messages.

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For our TouchBanking Users:

  1. Log in using your e-banking credentials
  2. Enjoy the convenient features of TouchBanking


Also, Get Account Balances in a Flash!:

  1. Set up the Instant Balance feature under the section labeled, “More”
  2. Choose the accounts you wish to see
  3. Simply select, “Instant Balance” at the log in screen without the need to sign in

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How to setup alerts:

Want to know when a certain check has cleared, all checks and deposits that are presented to your account, or be informed when your deposit falls below a certain amount?  Take advantage of our new message center within Internet and Mobile Banking.  Here are some simple steps showing you how to setup alerts.


How to setup Alerts:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking
  2. Click "Alerts" in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Select the type of alert you wish to create (Checking, Savings, Loan)
  4. Click "Setup New Alert" and choose both Category and Type
  5. On the next screen you will enter in the following fields:
    • *Account Number: Is Equal To (Select the account that you want to setup the alert)
    • *Check Every:  (Enter by hours how often you want the system to check for you)
    • Description:  (The description of the alert will be automatically filled, but you may add or customize it to your preference)
    • *Send to:  (Select either Online or E-mail) *e-mail must be established in Profile menu
  6. Click Submit

When there is an alert that meets the criteria selected there will be a number by the Messages link in parenthesis.

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How to setup text message alerts:

Text Banking and Text Message Alerts can be accessed under Mobile Banking in the Profile menu of your Internet Banking page. Simply select Enroll Now or Manage Devices to access the appropriate screen.

  1. If previously enrolled in Mobile Banking, select "Add New Device"
  2. Under "Other Services" enter your mobile phone number and click Continue
  3. Select both "Text Banking and "Alerts" to register the device
  4. An Activation Code will be sent via text message to the mobile phone number specified earlier
  5. Enter this Activation Code and follow the remaining prompts

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