Online Banking


What is Online Bill Pay?

Online bill pay is a convenient way for you to pay all your bills from one secure website. Just imagine no more hand written checks, envelopes, or stamps. It’s as simple as visiting our website, logging into your bill pay account, and paying your bills at your convenience.

How does Bill Pay work?

STEP 1:  Add a Payee
Setting up Payees is hassle-free!
  STEP 2:  Make a Payment
Paying a bill is so easy!
  • Go to the Payees menu and select Add a Payee
  • Choose what type of payee you are adding—
    such as a bill, person, charity, or gift.
  • Add the payee information and click next.
  • Review for accuracy, then click Submit.

You have successfully added a payee! Now, you are
ready to make a payment.

  • Go to the Payments Menu and select your type
    of payment— such as a single payment.
  • Select your payee.
  • Enter the payment amount and process date,
    then click Next.
  • Review for accuracy, then click Submit.

You have successfully made a payment!

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Why should I use Online Bill Pay?

Online bill pay through your financial institution is ten times safer than
mailing checks. (Research gathered by the Aite Group)

Our bill pay is simple to understand and even easier to navigate.

Pay all of your bills in minutes instead of hours.

No more stamps, envelopes, and trips to the post office!

Online bill pay greatly reduces the risk of human error and late payments.

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